Subject: Re: Some work on pkgsrc on Darwin
To: BSD Packages <>
From: Randy Beaudreault <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/18/2002 16:34:17
This thread has brought up a point for me.  Who is working on pkgsrc 
for Darwin?  I am, Yuji Yamano, Eric Gillespie, OGATA, Simon Gerraty, 
and Alistair Crooks are who I've seen so far on this list to be 
working on this project.  My question is who is overseeing this?  If 
someone isn't, I ask that someone step up for it.  I'd like to bring 
my pkgsrc-Darwin related issues to this person and not bug the list 
with Darwin-related issues.  I'd step up, but I'm out of my league 
here so I'd be as usefull as my non-working PCs.  Anybody willing to 
step up?

If no one is willing to step up, I'd volunteer to coordinate the 
effort as long as I can get some assistance from the Darwin experts 
with my issues.
Randy Beaudreault

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