Subject: put DEF_UMASK in /etc/mk.conf ?
To: None <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/16/2002 06:51:21
Yo package wizards, I have a question:

When setting your umask to something different than the DEF_UMASK in defs.*
from pkgsrc/mk when compiling from source in pkgsrc, you end up with an warning
and a hint to set your umask to the value proposed by DEF_UMASK.

Imho it's cleaner to have a place where to define the umask you *really* want
to use when building packages. This way you could have your umask you're used
to (377 in my case :) and still build sane packages (i.e. e.g. man pages which
are world readable) with one simple tuning (altering the DEF_UMASK variable in
/etc/mk.conf), and have that value be used throughout the system, not the inherited
umask from your setting.

In the light of the platform dependant DEF_UMASKs in the various def.* files
I am not sure if this is able to be done portably, so that's why I ask...

So, what do you think ?

-Martin Weber