Subject: sun java packages
To: None <>
From: Brook Milligan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/11/2002 21:16:17
I have the sun java packages (linux binaries) installed on one machine
which is acting as an NFS server for another; the server exports
/usr/pkg, /var/db/pkg, and /home (among other things).  One particular
java application is in a user's home directory.  On the server this
application works fine.  However, on the client the same application
fails during the initial execution of scripts from the java runtime
environment (i.e., before the application itself is actually

The initial execution sequence for a java application appears to
involve several scripts followed by a binary whose purpose seems to be
to locate the real path to the run time stuff.  On both machines the
script that calls this binary appears to work and to call the binary
with the same arguments.  On the server the binary responds properly;
however, on the client the binary complains about an unexpected
redirection (which doesn't exist in the arguments given by the calling

It is completely unclear to me what is different between these two
calling environments.  Or why identical code (shared between the
machines) responds differently in the two situations.  In the
execution sequence, the failing binary is the first linux executable
and hence the first thing run under emulation.  Is there something
in the linux emulation that could trigger something like this?  Is
there something specific about java?  Is anyone else running java from
an NFS-mounted directory?

Any insight into this problem is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.