Subject: removal of package pkgsrc/net/ripe-whois-tools ?
To: None <>
From: Stoned Elipot <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/05/2002 14:28:14
I just added the packages net/ripe-whois to the NetBSD Packages Collection.
The commit message was:
>Initial import of the latest RIPE whois client, version 3.0, into the NetBSD
>Packages Collection.
>This is a complete rewrite of the RIPE whois client:
>- The networkupdate utility is gone (it was restricted to internal RIPE NCC
>nodes anyway).
>- The cryptpw utility is also gone (it was not of real use for non-RIPE NCC
>users anyway).
>- The default command name is now whois3.
>- The whois3 client does not check for supported flags at the client side,
>except for -h (whois host) and -p (whois port). The syntax checks for flags are
>made at the server side.
>This package is believed to be the successor of net/ripe-whois-tools which
>could problably be removed.

I felt that adding a new package with a name correctly reflecting its content
was better than updating the ripe-whois-tools package. 

If nobody tells me that he would miss the networkupdate and cryptpw utilities
from the ripe-whois-tools package, I will remove it within a week. 

Best regards, Stoned.