Subject: Re: problems with xsane (scanning)
To: None <daniel@bicho.SynchroDS.COM,>
From: Daniel Senderowicz <daniel@bicho.SynchroDS.COM>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/14/2002 09:56:05

The problem about going to older versions of any package is the
conflict of the libraries. Older versions require older librarias
that in turn conflict with the newer ones required by other packages,
sort of like a dog running after his own tail...  Unfortunately
"xsane" is not the only application that is not working on
a NetBSD pmax. We don't have a real browser either, so the in
reality the use of a pmax platform is very limited. Of course,
you could argue that is a good vehicle for software development,
but "gdb" doesn't work either.

Thanks for responding.


>Well, all my experience with sane and NetBSD is rather old. I wrote
>a backend SCSI driver for the scanner I had some (>3) years ago. Sane and
>xsane worked just fine back then both on NetBSD i386 and alpha (with
>SCSI scanners as that was the only thing supported at the time). This
>was then with sane version 0.7x. Sane probably changed quite a lot
>since then, and maybe not all for the better for NetBSD? It may be
>worth trying an older sane version (as opposed to older NetBSD