Subject: pkg_info's version comparison enhanced
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/09/2002 17:52:42
This is just a heads-up that I've added some extra functionality
to the logic which recognises package names. The changes add
recognition of "rc" for "release candidate", and "pl" for "patch
level", and use 64-bit integer arrays internally when comparing
two version numbers. In addition, alphabetic characters should
now be sorted properly.

For those of you familiar with the vtest functionality, aliases
and behaviour have been removed, but the rest has been brought over.

I don't anticipate any problems, but, if there are any, please
use send-pr in the usual way.


PS. The log message is as follows:

Pull in a much simplified version of the vtest functionality. This new
functionality adds recognition of '_' and "pl" as pseudonyms for '.',
so that 1.2p2 == 1.2.2, and adds recognition of "pl" and "rc" strings,
which stand for "patchlevel" and "release candidate" respectively.

In addition, this version should handle alphabetic characters properly
(so that 1.2e == 1.2.5)

Normal NetBSD revision number processing has been retained (and is always
compared after all other tests have been performed).

64-bit integers are used internally for each component of the version