Subject: Re: Eval: New package qt3-3.0.1
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/09/2002 14:59:42
> Nick Hudson wrote
> [ Charset ISO-8859-1 unsupported, converting... ]
> >
> > > > The added benefit is that you don't have to have the documentation if
> > you
> > > > are a KDE user. Why make it bigger for no user (not programmer) benefit.
> > >
> > > This is a weak justification as there are dozents of other so called
> > > 'user-base' libaries in our package system for which documentation
> > > is always installed.
> >
> > I would consider the other pkgs broken - you also seem to conceed the fact
> > in reply to David email. Some would consider the addition of headers in
> > a -libs pkgs broken, also.
> >
> > > Considering that a user has already downloaded the complete package,
> > > it doesn't make sense not to install the documentation (except for
> > > binary packages). I personally dislike the direction the development
> > > of the NetBSD Packages Tree is taking.
> >
> > You seem to forget binary pkgs. 
> Did you read my last email? If so, you would have noticed that I
> have given due consideration to binary packages in the paragraph above
> your reply (see above).
> Again, I strongly oppose subdividing software distributions into
> teeny-wheeny packages for all but the good reasons. If this was
> desired, the author of the software would have taken these steps, as
> is the case for KDE.
> qt{2,3} has the potential to be broken up into a dozen of sub-packs
> and I'm sure that there is someone out there that has a personal
> justification for each one of them.
> I shall go back into my corner and try to think about an
> implementation of Dave's proposal using the qt3 as a test case.
> Like to help?

Ok, I've done a quick and dirty job of putting together a qt3 package
source that will install individual sub-packages and it's dependencies
whilst it still enables the installation of the complete package in cases
where it is desired to do so e.g. bulk-build - see `make help' for
the syntax. A complete install will consist of ALL sub-packages.

NOTE: Changes required for the package build are not implemented, but
it wouldn't be hard to do.

I had to modify parts of in order to achieve my goal.
The relevant files can be found on:

Please remember, this is a quick job to demonstrate to those
non-believers that it is possible to create sub-packages from
within a monolithic package. So quality was not my prime goal
for this exercise. Having said that, I welcome any constructive

cheerio Berndt
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