Subject: Re: python 2.2?
To: None <,>
From: Daniel Senderowicz <daniel@bicho.SynchroDS.COM>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2002 18:18:44
Perhaps python>=2.2 should enable the grail makefile (currently broken).


>Looking through the archives, it looks like Masao Uebayashi had a Python
>2.2c1 package created on 12/19/01 [1].  I didn't see any complaints (in
>the archives) about brokenness... but that's the last it seems to have
>been discussed.  2.2 final was released two days later (12/21/01), but
>pkgsrc still seems to contain python (2.0.1) and python 2.1 (2.1.1).
>Does the 2.2c1 package address Johnny Lam's comments regarding extension
>functions in his message from 12/5/01 [2]?
>Is anyone working on a python 2.2 package based on 2.2 final?  Will this
>be the lang/python package, and lang/python21 will go away?