Subject: Re: Eval: New package qt3-3.0.1
To: Nick Hudson <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/03/2002 22:24:41
Nick Hudson wrote
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> > I've created a new package for qt3-3.0.1 that will be needed for KDE3
> > and many other new applications. Please have a look at it and give it
> > a drive. It can be found on
> I have a buildlink'ed and libtooled pkg for qt3-libs and qt3-designer I will
> commit soon.

This is how my package started off, but than I didn't see the point of
having to maintain qt3-libs, qt3-designer, qt3-docs, qt3-examples.
The following are the install statistics of qt3:

/usr/X11R6/qt3/lib	12MB
/usr/X11R6/qt3/doc	19MB
/usr/X11R6/qt3/bin      10MB
remainder                4MB
Grand Total             45MB

I consider the libraries and their documentation shouldn't be
seperated and in this view it doesn't seem much of a sacrifies to
install designer and it's tools for an extra 14MB (qt3 with-the-lot)
in exchange for a much simpler package that is easy to maintain. 

IMHO, I believe that we have gone overboard with the subdivision of some
packages for no good reason or added benefit.

cheerio Berndt
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