Subject: Re: final testing: taylor-uucp package
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/01/2002 21:12:11
Hubert Feyrer writes:
- I've worked in today's changes to cu(1) into the pending taylor-uucp
- package, and I'd like to call for a final round of tests. The package is
- available at
- The package was tested only on Solaris so far, so if someone uses UUCP on
- NetBSD, I'd appreciate some feedback. (Where are all the people that
- scream murder when it comes to touching the in-tree UUCP? :-)

	Well, I didn't scream bloody-murder when I heard it,
although I thought about it.. (given I sell  UUCP access via my
NetBSD systems.. :-)

	The package looks pretty good, and builds just fine
under NetBSD/sparc 1.4 (gack, I need to upgrade that box!)
While installing it, I found that it needs to be updated to the
`more modern' pkgsrc standards (namely, move everything from
pkg to .)

	One thing that's missing: uucpd.  

	Does it make sense to leave that in the base NetBSD
system when there's not a supporting UUCP implementation?  I'd
believe it should either be another package, or rolled in as
part of this one.

	Hmm, in thinking about it, it probably should be another
package, perhaps in comms (where uucp seems to be heade) or net
(its an IP networking application.)

- BTW, I'm not sure under which directory and package name to commit this
- package. Choices I see are 
-  1) pkgsrc/comm/taylor-uucp
-  2) pkgsrc/comm/uucp
- for the directory and
-  a) taylor-uucp
-  b) uucp
- for the package name. Any thoughts? Are there any other UUCP packages out
- there that might turn up?

	Well, it's entirely possible (but not expected) that
Caldera could release the SVr4 HDB uucp package. Who knows,
someone might even clean up the uucp that shipped with BSD 4.2,
and get that released (yeah, right, but.. :-)

	So, I'd recommend the package name be taylor-uucp, and
the directory be one of comms/taylor-uucp or net/taylor-uucp (or
perhaps sysutils/taylor-uucp?)


	I've installed it on my UUCP host, and the user level
commands interoperate with the system daemon.  I haven't tried
replacing the system provided uucico with the one from pkgsrc
(yet), but I don't expect problems.

Eric Schnoebelen
	Cats are smarter than dogs.  You can't get eight cats to pull 
		a sled through snow.  -- Jeff Valdez