Subject: Is this a hack or okay?
To: NetBSD packages <>
From: Bjoern Labitzke <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/01/2002 14:39:11

Right now there is a problem when building time/ical, which I want to
address. It seems easy for me, but I am not sure, if the solution is
considered a hack and something cleaner exists.

The problem: For some reason (which I don't understand) make considers
config.status newer than a few Makefiles that got built from the
config.status file. So make recreates those Makefiles and fails with
an error, because the Makefiles were rebuilt. Those new Makefiles are
identical to the ones before and another make would continue the

The question: Is it considered a hack to touch those Makefiles in a
post-configure target? If not, I'll make this change and the error
will be gone. What could be a cleaner solution?

TIA and bye,

Bjoern Labitzke  <>
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