Subject: Re: How about USE_GM4?
To: Amitai Schlair <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/20/2001 16:19:15
On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 01:31:56AM -0500, Amitai Schlair wrote:
> I'm working on updating graphics/gphoto2 to the latest beta, and found that
> it needs GNU m4. Currently, this means doing something like so:
> BUILD_DEPENDS+= m4-1.4:../../devel/m4
> M4=             ${PREFIX}/bin/gm4
> A few other packages do this sort of thing (I see at least devel/autoconf,
> devel/gmp, and x11/gtk--). Following the prior art of USE_GMAKE, does it
> make sense to add a USE_GM4 knob to that does the above work?

It makes sense if the package really uses a GNU extension to the
standard m4 functionality. I've also seen some work just recently
added to -current which duplicates GNU functionality in BSD m4 -
I think these changes are from Marc Espie. It sounds to me like we
need more of the ncurses buildlink functionality than USE_GM4.

I am not volunteering to write this however - I am very busy at the