Subject: Re: AUTOMAKE_OVERRIDE=YES by default?
To: Nick Hudson <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/10/2001 11:47:50
On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 05:50:11PM +0000, Nick Hudson wrote:
> I not so sure this is the right thing to do (or maybe I don't understand). 
> For example this is causing problems in the KDE pkgs which come with patches 
> to both and created from a known to work version of 
> automake. touch(1)'ing the and (yes, KDE has 
> extended auto{make,conf}) breaks the build for kdelibs.
> Why would you ever want to touch these files as they are used to create 
> configure, etc?

This was a bug and I've just committed a fix.  We want to touch the configure
script last so it's _not_ regenerated.  If this doesn't fix the KDE2 packages
then we need to add "AUTOMAKE_OVERRIDE=NO" to the KDE2 package Makefiles.

> I still believe that patches to,{,.in} *and* the 
> generated versions from working versions of auto{conf,make} should be 
> commited to pkgsrc. Perhaps an AUTOMAKE_OVERIDE that touches all 
>'s, a AUTOCONF_OVERRIDE that touches configure, and an 
> AUTOHEADER_OVERRIDE that touches should be created to make sure 
> the timestamps are correct.

It's easy to extend what's in  So what you're describing is
replacing the AUTOMAKE_OVERRIDE code with something like:

	\( ${AUTOMAKE_PATTERNS:S/$/!/:S/^/-o -name !/:S/!/"/g:S/-o//1} \)
	\( ${AUTOCONF_PATTERNS:S/$/!/:S/^/-o -name !/:S/!/"/g:S/-o//1} \)

_CONFIGURE_PREREQ+=	suppress-automake
.  if defined(HAS_CONFIGURE)
	${_PKG_SILENT}${_PKG_DEBUG}                                     \
	cd ${WRKSRC};                                                   \
	${FIND} . ${_AUTOMAKE_PATTERNS_FIND} -print |                   \
	${FIND} . ${_AUTOCONF_PATTERNS_FIND} -print |                   \
.  else
.  endif

This makes a distinction between the files generated by automake and the
file generated by autoconf and ensures that the autoconf files are touched

> Final thing is that some pkgs are going to come with autoconf 2.52 generated 
> configures (including KDE) which our current pkgsrc autoconf (2.32) just will 
> not handle. The same may be true of automake 1.5/1.4p5. Another reason to 
> commit generated configures, etc... 

I fully agree.  We need to sweep though pkgsrc so as not to depend on
autoconf during build.

	-- Johnny Lam <>