Subject: Re: accounts needed during build
To: None <>
From: Brook Milligan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/08/2001 22:13:35
   > Are there any packages (besides mail/majordomo) that need accounts
   > installed during the build process?  

   CUPS (pkgsrc/print) expects/creates a user `lp' and group `sys'.

   It's mentioned in the mk/ file.  This file
   also has GROUP settings for cyrus (pkgsrc/mail), 
   ircd_hybrid (chat), jitterbug(misc), and postgresql (databases).
   There are USER settings for amanda(sysutils), apache(www),
   cyrus, ircd_hybrid, jitterbug, postgresql, and qpopper(mail).

Of these, all install the user/group during the install process, not
during the build process, as far as I can tell.  Thus, while building
there is no definition of the uid/gid (as opposed to uname/gname) for
these packages.  The only exception appears to be qmail, which depends
on a package (qmail-users) that installs all the users.

Majordomo requires both the names and the ids.  Hence, my original

- should this be configured as qmail is?

- should the code be hacked so as not to require the ids during

- should the one relevant file be recompiled during the installation

- should something else be done?