Subject: Re: buildlink trouble
To: None <>
From: Amitai Schlair <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/08/2001 18:47:27
on 12/8/01 3:23 PM, Johnny Lam at wrote:

> First off...minor issue, but we're using ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR} to represent
> where the config files go, now.  So, you'll need to find how ETCDIR is
> being set by the configure script, and make is use ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}
> instead.  This is usually done by passing --sysconfdir=${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}
> to the configure script.

Yes, I saw the recent commit messages about that. :-)

If {HAS,GNU}_CONFIGURE is set, should provide CONFIGURE_ARGS+=
--sysconfdir=${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}? This could make lots of packages (including
this one) automatically respect PKG_SYSCONFDIR. Would this work, or am I
misunderstanding something?

A related question: what should I do about ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/cvsgraph.conf
in PLIST? I looked at www/apache for guidance, and it looks like it just
leaves such stuff out of PLIST. Is this the right thing to do?

> For some reason, I don't see -L/usr/pkg/share/x11-links/lib above.  This
> is probably some problem in where LDFLAGS isn't being used
> properly.  I see in the output you provided that LDFLAGS is correct during
> the configure phase, but is wrong during the build phase.

Just so! LDFLAGS wasn't mentioned in Adding it to the linking
step made the build succeed. Thanks!

- Amitai