Subject: About lang/python and lang/python21
To: None <>
From: Shell, Hin-lik Hung <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/11/2001 02:56:09

   Most of the distribution (BSD or Linux) facing to this
problem too, why should include two (or more) version of
Python, seems NetBSD take python (currently 2.0) and python21
(2.1 branch), just interesting why don't use only 'python'
and do any upgrade on it ? What to do if python 2.2 branch
become stable tomorrow ?

   It is meaningless to create python21 or python22, it has
lesser flexibility for further upgrade.  AFAIK, only a little
math problem between Python 1 and Python 2, and this will be
fixed in next coming release, in my opinion, killing python21
and keep only 'python' maybe help.

   Thank you very much.

ps. I am new comer to this list, after I read the archives,
    seems none of discussion of this topic, so I am interesting
    to understand about. Please forgive me if I miss-understood
    the characteristic of NetBSD pkg system.

Best Regards,
  Shell Hin-Lik Hung [ O ]      |

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