Subject: HEADS UP - speedups committed to pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/08/2001 11:04:27
This is just a heads-up, following some changes to to
improve the speed of source builds.

The first stage was last week, when the scripts directory was removed,
and the logic to look in the scripts directory for a script named
pre-<target> or post-<target>, or configure, and was replaced by
explicit calling of the scripts from a package Makefile's corresponding
target. Please note this if you have locally-produced or maintained

The next step was to remove the .USE macro, and replace it with
explicit make(1) targets, and specify the dependencies on those
targets in a normal Makefile way.

I don't anticipate any problems, but if any do arise, please send-pr
them in the usual manner.


The commit message is below:

Following on from the removal of the automatic "is there a script to run" logic,
more speedups for building packages.

Get rid of a .USE macro, and do not spawn sub-makes for the pre-, do- and
post-target stages, replacing them with standard make(1) targets.

Timing information as follows (multiple runs performed, best results taken):

800 MHz Celeron, 128 MB, local pkgsrc, local obj
scripts/, pre,do,post-*:        0.731u 0.261s 0:02.04 48.5%     0+0k 29+168io 9pf+0w
no scripts/, pre,do,post-*:     0.678u 0.242s 0:01.30 70.0%     0+0k 0+169io 0pf+0w
no scripts/, no pre,do,post-*:  0.267u 0.089s 0:00.90 37.7%     0+0k 0+155io 0pf+0w

40 MHz Sparc, 36 MB, nfs pkgsrc, local obj
scripts/, pre,do,post-*:        22.590u 6.839s 0:33.31 88.3%    0+0k 121+254io 0pf+0w
no scripts/, pre,do,post-*:     22.481u 6.442s 0:33.30 86.8%    0+0k 120+251io 0pf+0w
no scripts/, no pre,do,post-*:   8.534u 4.189s 0:16.48 77.1%    0+0k 105+242io 0pf+0w