Subject: KMail 1.3.1 (kde 2.2.1) & Encyption
To: None <>
From: Marcello Balduccini <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/07/2001 16:19:59
  I upgraded recently to KDE 2.2.1 (NetBSD/i386 1.5.2) and found out that 
KMail 1.3.1 would freeze every time I try to read or send an e-mail that 
requires encryption (I tried with pgp5 and gnupg).
  I have fixed the problem (it seems to be a NetBSD-specific problem), and I 
thought that some of you guys may be interested.

In kdenetwork2, modify kpgpbase.cpp as follows:
Line: 268
            } else { pollout.revents |= POLLHUP; break;}
Line: 291
            } else { pollout.revents |= POLLHUP; break;}

(I'm sorry, I'm rushing and I didn't have the time to prepare a diff...)

BTW: in case I fix other bugs for kde, should I keep writing to tech-pkg, or 
is it better to contact directly the maintainer of the KDE pkgsrc ? Where can 
I find his e-mail address ?