Subject: Re: Darwin support added to pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/04/2001 14:54:55

> I've just added initial support for Darwin (1.4) to pkgsrc, with
> many thanks to Bill Coldwell for giving me the opportunity to do
> so.

Thank you (and Bill of course), just in time for me to try it out :-)

I used MacOS X 10.1 with the september 2001 developer tools on
a "square ibook".

> Whilst it's very early days, as yet, I have actually been able to
> install packages on Darwin. I haven't yet tried any of the "biggies"  
> like gnome or kde, but I thought I'd commit the changes so that
> others can perhaps help me out with those. 

I had to commit a change to pkgsrc/mk/ so that
SHAREOWN, SHAREGRP and SHAREMODE gets defined for Darwin too.
Some packages that use ${INSTALL_DATA} like bzip2 need that to be set.

One thing I noticed that darwin seems not build shared libs, but
pkgsrc is not aware of that yet, so it tries to register the shared
lib enties (lib*.so*) which are not there, ths producing warnings.

Unfortunatly I am not fimilar with the libtool stuff and how to teach
it plus *.mk TRT for darwin.

Maybe someone else can help out?

Btw. I wouldn't announce darwin support widly to slahdot and such until
things are a bit more shaked out. IMHO its still very beta, but on its best
way :-)