Subject: Two questions about db3
To: None <>
From: Rui-Xiang Guo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/03/2001 16:05:05
I installed db3 by pkgsrc which was updated yesterday and found two question:
1. When I run the program 'db3_stat', it prints such messages:

/usr/pkg/bin/db3_stat: error: /usr/pkg/bin/.libs/db3_stat does not exist
This script is just a wrapper for db3_stat.
See the libtool documentation for more information.

Then I take look into patch-aa in db3/patches directory and I think
we should change this line:

        @echo "Installing DB utilities: $(bindir) ..."
-       @test -d $(bindir) || \
-           ($(mkdir) -p $(bindir) && $(chmod) $(dmode) $(bindir))
-       @cd $(bindir) && $(rm) -f $(PROGS)
-       @$(INSTALLER) -fp $(PROGS) $(bindir)
-       @cd $(bindir) && (test ! -f $(strip) || $(strip) $(PROGS))
-       @cd $(bindir) && $(chmod) $(emode) $(PROGS)
+       ${BSD_INSTALL_SCRIPT_DIR} $(includedir) $(bindir)
+       for i in $(PROGS); do \
+               ${BSD_INSTALL_SCRIPT} $$i $(bindir); \
                $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install $(INSTALLER) $$i $(bindir); \

2. I make a package depends on db3 but it can't find db3's include files 
normally because we have the subdir "db3" in work/.buildlink/include:

../libtool --mode=compile cc -c -I/home/rxg/mypkgsrc/mypkg/libtabe/work/.buildlink/include

It should be:

../libtool --mode=compile cc -c -I/home/rxg/mypkgsrc/mypkg/libtabe/work/.buildlink/include/db3
Is it a bug of db3/ ?

Should I send-pr?
normally because we have db3