Subject: Re: Problem building gdk-pixbuf
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/30/2001 20:31:55
On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 06:59:48PM -0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
> Just updated pkgsrc via cvs a few hours ago, and tried to install
> Mozilla.  It was merrily building all the various dependancies, and 
> then stopped in gdk-pixbuf:
> warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow
> cross compiling
> env: /usr/pkg/bin/automake: No such file or directory
> *** Error code 127

So the obvious question is: does /usr/pkg/bin/automake exist?  Do you have
a log of the build ouput so that we can see the lines preceding the error?


	-- Johnny Lam <>