Subject: Re: Package Attempt for Emacs 21
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/27/2001 02:47:36
> > Don't forget Mule.  It reallly matters to me next to air, water, and
> > food. ;)
> Unfortunately, I don't have much more time to work on this at the
> moment in detail -- perhaps not for a few days.  BTW, isn't
> the maintainer of mule?

I meant that "don't forget leim".  Leim is a Mule extension for newer
emacsen, IIUC.

> As an experiment, I replaced the official emacs package on my machine
> with the emacs21 package (similarly for leim -- changed the DEPENDS
> line slightly).  I lightly tested Mew (needed to modify the DEPENDS
> line slightly), elib, and mailcrypt.
> apel's pkg/PLIST has hardwired version numbers (as 20.7), so it will
> require some work, I imagine.  Come to think of it, emacs21 and leim21
> also appear to have hardwired version numbers in pkg/PLIST -- may be
> that should be changed...

devel/apel's PLIST should correspond to the version of an emacs for
wchich devel/apel will be installed. OTOH, I think that emacs21's
PLIST needs not to be parameterized. But it's better for

> I also don't have skk working yet, but I haven't really looked too
> much into this yet.

AFAIK, SKK has not produce a release so long time. Current version can
be retrieved only via CVS.

> Do you know if there is a policy about this?  I wonder how this is
> handled elsewhere...I guess in Debian they might be using their
> diversions mechanism.

I think that Pkgsrc doesn't have any policy on Emacs versioning yet.

> Does anyone know if there is some general strategy for
> migration/coexistence of Emacs 20 and 21?

Emacs 21 is probably compatible with Emacs 20... If not so, there
should be less incompatibility than 19 -> 20.

> FWIW, the following is a edited version of grep emacs */*/Makefile in
> /usr/pkgsrc:
> chat/irchat/Makefile:DEPENDS+=  emacs-20.*:../../editors/emacs
> chat/zenicb/Makefile:EMACS=                     emacs
> chat/zenicb/Makefile:DEPENDS+=          emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
> chat/zenirc/Makefile:DEPENDS+=  emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs

(Incredible backward compatibility! :)))

Most of these elisp packages seem to assume Emacs 20.7, so these
DEPENDS likes may be changed like emacs>=20 or emacs-20.*.