Subject: Re: Package Attempt for Emacs 21
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/27/2001 02:18:24
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
Subject: Re: Package Attempt for Emacs 21
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 01:18:20 +0900 (JST)


> > I'll take a look at the leim21 package that jtb did too, unless
> > someone has done that already.

I modified its pkg/PLIST a bit:
> Don't forget Mule.  It reallly matters to me next to air, water, and
> food. ;)

Unfortunately, I don't have much more time to work on this at the
moment in detail -- perhaps not for a few days.  BTW, isn't the maintainer of mule?

As an experiment, I replaced the official emacs package on my machine
with the emacs21 package (similarly for leim -- changed the DEPENDS
line slightly).  I lightly tested Mew (needed to modify the DEPENDS
line slightly), elib, and mailcrypt.

apel's pkg/PLIST has hardwired version numbers (as 20.7), so it will
require some work, I imagine.  Come to think of it, emacs21 and leim21
also appear to have hardwired version numbers in pkg/PLIST -- may be
that should be changed...

I also don't have skk working yet, but I haven't really looked too
much into this yet.

> Thought I have not compiled it, but emacs21/pkg/PLIST has bin/emacs
> which conflicts with current editor/emacs. (i.e. Emacs 20.7)
> Coexistence of 20.7 and 21.1 may be desirable for many people for some
> time.

Do you know if there is a policy about this?  I wonder how this is
handled elsewhere...I guess in Debian they might be using their
diversions mechanism.

Does anyone know if there is some general strategy for
migration/coexistence of Emacs 20 and 21?

FWIW, the following is a edited version of grep emacs */*/Makefile in

chat/irchat/Makefile:DEPENDS+=  emacs-20.*:../../editors/emacs
chat/zenicb/Makefile:EMACS=                     emacs
chat/zenicb/Makefile:DEPENDS+=          emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
chat/zenirc/Makefile:DEPENDS+=  emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/apel/Makefile:DEPENDS+=   emacs-20.7:../../editors/emacs
devel/elib/Makefile:DEPENDS+=           emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/elib/Makefile:EMACS=                      emacs
devel/flim/Makefile:DEPENDS+=   emacs-20.7:../../editors/emacs
devel/haskell-mode/Makefile:DEPENDS+=           emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/haskell-mode/Makefile:EMACS=                      emacs
devel/id-utils/Makefile:EMACS=                  ${LOCALBASE}/bin/emacs
devel/id-utils/Makefile:BUILD_DEPENDS+=         emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/ruby-mode/Makefile:DEPENDS+=      emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/ruby-mode/Makefile:EMACS=         emacs
devel/ruby-rd-mode/Makefile:DEPENDS+=   emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/ruby-rd-mode/Makefile:EMACS=              emacs
devel/semantic/Makefile:DEPENDS+=               emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
devel/semantic/Makefile:EMACS=                  emacs
devel/semi/Makefile:DEPENDS+=   emacs-20.7:../../editors/emacs
devel/sml-mode/Makefile:DEPENDS+=       emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
editors/jde/Makefile:DEPENDS+=               emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
editors/jde/Makefile:EMACS=                  emacs
editors/leim/Makefile:DEPENDS+= emacs-${VERSION}:../emacs
editors/leim/Makefile:WRKSRC=           ${WRKDIR}/emacs-${VERSION}/leim
editors/mule/Makefile:CONFLICTS=        emacs-[0-9]*
editors/speedbar/Makefile:DEPENDS+=             emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
editors/speedbar/Makefile:EMACS=                        emacs
editors/tamago/Makefile:DEPENDS+=       emacs-20.*:../../editors/emacs
lang/eieio/Makefile:DEPENDS+=           emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
lang/eieio/Makefile:EMACS=                      emacs
lang/gforth/Makefile:CONFIGURE_ENV+=            EMACS=${PREFIX}/bin/emacs
mail/etach/Makefile:DEPENDS+=           emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
mail/mailcrypt/Makefile:BUILD_DEPENDS=  emacs>=19.34:../../editors/emacs
mail/mew/Makefile:DEPENDS+=     emacs-20.*:../../editors/emacs
mail/vm/Makefile:DEPENDS+=      emacs>=19.34:../../editors/emacs
mail/vm/Makefile:MAKE_ENV+=     EMACS=emacs
math/calc/Makefile:MAKE_ENV+=   EMACS=emacs
math/calc/Makefile:DEPENDS+=    emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
math/pari/Makefile:BUILD_DEPENDS+=      emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
meta-pkgs/edesktop/Makefile:DEPENDS+=   emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
news/gnus/Makefile:DEPENDS+=    emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
print/auctex/Makefile:DEPENDS+=         emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs
print/auctex/Makefile:MAKE_ENV+=                EMACS=emacs
time/xalarm/Makefile:DEPENDS+=  emacs>=20.7:../../editors/emacs
www/w3/Makefile:DEPENDS+=       emacs-[0-9]*:../../editors/emacs