Subject: Package Design Issues...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/23/2001 14:20:43
I have built a package for aolserver that works great.  I have two issues with it that
I would like to iron out before I submit it and I need a little guidance...

1.  How do I conditionally delete logfiles on deinstall?  I am not a shell scripting 
    genius, so some help on how to write the PLIST line for this would be appreciated.

2.  I created a separate package for a module under aolserver.  It too works great, but 
    if the system has both PTL (which I use) and pth (which I don't) it blows up.
    The module package needs to have ${PREFIX} added to configure args so it can find
    openssl libs and includes.  Well, while it does find them, it also finds conflicting
    copies of thread libs.  PTL puts its stuff in /usr/pkg/PTL, while pth litters up
    the main ${PREFIX}/lib and /include with it's stuff.  Is there any way to get around
    this?  It seems unacceptable to just make my package CONFLICT with pth.

3.  In order for the module package to compile, openssl must have been compiled with thread
    support.  This is a matter of adding 2 more CONFIGURE_ARGS to the ../../security/openssl/
    Makefile.  they are "threads -D_REENTRANT".  Will these break openssl if you don't have 
    a thread library installed?  Is it too much to ask that they be added?  Is creating a 
    openssl-thread package an alternative?

The packages are at and are called aolserverpkg.tar.gz and 
aolnsopensslpkg.tar.gz.  I tarred them from the root directory.

Thanks in advance.  


PS in para 2 I meant MAKE_FLAGS not CONFIGURE_ARGS...