Subject: pkgsrc collection docs
To: None <>
From: Kenny Drobnack <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/21/2001 20:44:04
Sorry if this is already up on the NetBSD site somewhere, but I couldn't
find it. Feel free to tell me RTFM, as long as you tell me where the FM is
;-)  Anyway, I was just wondering if there is a pkgsrc maintainers guide
of sorts somewhere. I would like to help make sure NetBSD has the most
up-to-date versions of my favorite programs available.  I'd like to start
out with something small, preferably something that didn't need to be
patched to work with NetBSD.
	A couple projects I had in mind were gaim, but that one seems fairly
up-to-date.  The one I'd really like to see in there is a later version of
sylpheed.  Its definitely my favorite e-mail client, and there version in
pkgsrc is about 15 versions behind the current, so I guess no one is
maintaining in pkgsrc.  Is there some system that someone can be the
maintainer of a new package in pkgsrc if it currently has no maintainer?
	This is kind of along the same lines, but slightly different subject...
I'm working on a project that requires a version of xerces-c 1.4 or later.
 Previous versions crashed on one function (can't remember which) that I
needed to use.  I would like to have this software work on something
besides Linux (the only non-commercial Unix that recent versions of xerces
seem to run on).  Would it be better to talk to the xerces-c authors about
that, or whoever put xerces-c-1.3 into pkgsrc?
	Thanks in advance for the help everyone!

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