Subject: separate "stable" collection (was Re: pkg/14284: xv-3.10anb1 binary
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/18/2001 07:13:26
My comments below ...

> > pkgsrc tree is "10 Sep 2001" (which I assume is "stable" for 1.5.2).
> > (Please feel free to tell me other tags or other ways to fetch "stable" pkgsrc.)
> Sorry, there is no "stable" pkgsrc -- there's no branching at all. Even
> rolling back to the netbsd-1-5-PATCH001 tag, the last released "pkgsrc",
> won't necessarily help you if you've already installed packages built
> from newer pkgsrc, although that would otherwise be your "stable" tag.

I misunderstand this. I thought that there is a freeze of the pkgsrc right
before a release is done so that the pkgsrc for that release can be
considered "stable".

I chose that date -D "10 Sep 2001" because it corresponded with the last
release. (I guess I should have used "-r netbsd-1-5-PATCH002" instead.)

> The best we can do is to resolve not to do it again. Maybe for 1.6* we
> should consider going back to separate collections for 1.6, 1.6.1, and
> so on, so at least we have a chance to gloss over certain mistakes, and
> still produce one single consistent collection of binary packages.

What were some reasons that was stopped?

What can be done to create a "stable" pkgsrc branch?

This stable branch will only be updated when:

 - a problem with dependencies/requirements were noticed (and a dependency
   needs to be changed, such as a version number incremented);

 - a serious bug is found and the package needs to be patched;

 - a new official stable release of NetBSD is being made (such as 1.5.2 to
   1.5.3 or 1.5 to 1.6).

This stable branch will not be updated:

 - to add new packages;

 - to patch current patches for enhancements or bug fixes other than
   serious security issues.

The benefits of having a "stable" pkgsrc branch:

 - users who use CVS for pkgsrc (unless they purposely want current) won't
   have conflicts with binary packages fetched from FTP servers;

 - the stable branch will become better and better over a few weeks --
   without any issues of adding newer packages; there should be no
   conflicts (which is now very common with regular up-to-date pkgsrc);

 - admins can easily track the stable branch to keep up-to-date with
   security fixes without worrying about problems with current

Some problems with a stable pkgsrc branch:

 - need volunteer(s) to care for it;

 - updating entire "stable" collection to current pkgsrc may be a lot of
   work. But maybe not -- require (or suggest) that any change to stable
   must have a similar and appropriate change for the current collection;
   i.e. if stable's apache pkgsrc is patched for a minor security issue
   and the current version of apache pkgsrc is upgraded to later version
   (which also includes security fix), then you don't have to worry about

Can someone setup a branch for pkgsrc that has a purpose of rarely being
changed? (Should I send-pr this?)

(I know I have mentioned this before.)

   Jeremy C. Reed