Subject: Re: teTeX
To: None <>
From: Frank Knappe <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/12/2001 21:57:32
On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, David Maxwell wrote:
> Usually, that's caused by an incomplete tarfile. It would be a good idea
> to look at the distinfo file for the package that it stops on, and check
> the size line such as:
> Size (teTeX/teTeX-src-1.0.7.tar.gz) = 8040192 bytes
> If your .tar.gz is quite different in size, maybe you had a cutoff
> download. 

The filesize is okay. 
If not I would thank that gzip would not be able to unzip it.

Actually what even lokks strange to me, that after I made one make with
the chescksum option I never got a checksum error, even when I don't add 
this option.

> > x Could not find app-default file for xdvi.                                 x
> > 
> > x The programm will exit now.                                 
> > 
> > Whats the reason for this and how can I install teTeX?
> This also sounds like something was missing once the tar file was
> extracted.

The question is what and if something is missing, why doesn't
fetch the package system it? I already made a make clean in the
teTeX directory, so that don't should have any old files anymore.

Please send replies also to my email.

Ciao , Frank .