Subject: mutt-devel and libslang quandry
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/09/2001 18:57:10
I'd like to use Japanese w/ mutt.  In particular, I'd like to use a
version of mutt that has good Japanese support.  AFAICT, this
currently requires patching mutt:

(Sorry, it's in Japanese)

I noticed that someone had done this for an earlier version of mutt,
but I failed to find a recent version, so I put something together.

However, to get things to work, I needed to modify the libslang
package so that:

  #define SLANG_HAS_KANJI_SUPPORT         1

[ Actually, I made a separate package that just patches src/sl-feat.h
  appropriately. ]

I'd really prefer not to have a separate libslang package, so I was
wondering if there is a problem w/ the devel/libslang package
incorporating a change so SLANG_HAS_KANJI_SUPPORT is #defined as 1.

Any thoughts on this matter?

P.S. Of course, I'd really prefer there not to be a separate
     mutt-devel package too...