Subject: Re: Extreme lethargy when dependencies are missing (part 2)
To: <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/07/2001 21:51:07
On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Frederick Bruckman wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> > On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Urban Boquist wrote:
> > > But the patch below is not a nice and general solution, and it also
> > > uses a temporary file, which I don't think is "allowed" in pkgsrc (or
> > > is it)?
> >
> > I think it's ok, as long as the temp file is removed after the operation.
> > BTW, there's also (i think) the "clean" target that does some caching...
> How about if the temp file goes into ${WRKDIR}? Then it will get
> removed as a matter of course, and it won't need to be uniquely named,
> either. Even better, the file can be an ordinary make target, which
> can be listed as a dependency for a general ".DO_DEPENDS:" macro.

so we'd pass down that WRKDIR to each child make?  I've been off and on
thinking for quite some time about a good way to solve this problem once
and for all.