Subject: Re: Please review: perl patch to make more painless
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/07/2001 17:39:17
> I'd like for others to test this patch, or at least view it and tell =
> of any potential problems with the patch, or with the whole idea or l=
> perl modules against  To test this, please save this patc=
h as
> lang/perl5/patches/patch-af and recompile perl.  If I don't hear any
> problems over the next two weeks, I'm going to commit this to the tre=

This made mod_perl work in my installation, with the configuration as
outlined.  I'm running this on NetBSD/alpha 1.5.2, with

albatross# pkg_info | egrep -i 'apache|perl|p5-'
perl-5.6.1nb5       Practical Extraction and Report Language
libperl-5.6.1       Perl DynaLoader as a shared object
p5-BSD-Resource-1.10 BSD::Resource - Perl interface to BSD process reso=
urces library
apache-1.3.19nb1    HTTP (Web) server
ap-perl-1.25        Module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache


- H=E5vard