Subject: Re: Please review: perl patch to make more painless
To: Martin J. Laubach <>
From: David Burgess <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/02/2001 12:01:11
1.25 seems to work with the other patches and changes.

Now for the hard question: why?

Rhetorical, of course, but obvious....

Thanks a million.


"Martin J. Laubach" wrote:
> | > ap-perl-1.26        Module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache
> |
> |  This is possibly the culprit.  I believe ap-perl in pkgsrc is only at
> |  version 1.25.  I've not updated the ap-perl package because I absolutely
> |  could not get httpd to run if the from ap-perl-1.26 was
> |  loaded in the config file.
>   Ah. I have looked into updating ap-perl too, and had to downgrade
> it to 1.25 since there was no way I could get Apache run with 1.26.
>         mjl