Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 2001
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/01/2001 16:57:14
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 2001

By my calculations, there were 2425 packages in the Packages
Collection on October 1st 2001, up from 2372 the previous month.

The packages collection is 4 years old in October, and I would just
like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us
over the years.

I'd also like to welcome two new developers who have come on board -
Martti Kuparinen and Stoned Elipot - to help us enhance and expand

We've made some changes to the infrastructure:  NO_WRKSUBDIR has gone,
"make package" has had just-in-time su(1) added to it, just like "make
install" and "make deinstall", and mk.conf.defaults has had a name
change and become, and is now included as part of
the pkgsrc build process, so that defaults are set, and only
differences from the defaults need to be set in /etc/mk.conf.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  aalib,
bidwatcher, cvsup-gui, dot-forward,doxygen, exctags, ezmlm,
fastforward, macfork, mplex, mscompress, various perl5 utilities,
publicfile, reed, robodoc, SDL-mixer, storage-manager, tcl-expat,
tcpslice, tkirc, vcdimager, xmess and xnc.

Notable updates to packages include:  adzap, amavis, ap-dtcl, arena,
bind9-current, boehm-gc, cascade, cpuflags, crafty, cue, curl, cvsup,
cyrus-imapd, delegate, drscheme, esound, evolution, fetchmail (thanks,
Thorsten), gaim, gal, galeon, gdk-pixbuf, gkrellm, gnome-libs,
gnucash, gtkhtml, ImageMagick, jade, jadetex, jed, kakasi, kdebase2,
kdelibs2, lesstif, libxml, libxml2, mew, mozilla, mutt-devel, namazu2,
napshare, netbsd-doc, openslp, openssh, various perl5 utilities, pen,
perl5, pkgchk, pkgdiff, pkglint, pkg_tarup (with thanks to Hubert for
a utility wthout which I'd be lost), popa3d, postgresql and related
packages, prcs, py-Numeric, qident, qmail-conf, rrdtool, SDL,
sendmail, smtpfeed, sun-jdk, sun-jre (thanks, Johnny), suse_base,
swarm, tcsh, tkcvs, unison, ups-nut, uvscan-dat, vim-devel, x11-links,
xchat, xmame, and xmindpath.

Package of the Month award goes to fxtv and xmradio, nominated by
"Jared D. McNeill" <>:

	"I think that pkgsrc/graphics/fxtv and pkgsrc/audio/xmradio
	should be co-packages of the month for September.  It was a
	great pleasure to install them and have them "just work" with
	my new Brooktree card.  It's rare to see software this robust
	and easy to configure (even full-screen mode wasn't a problem
	with fxtv)."

Here's to the next four years...

Alistair G. Crooks
Mon Oct  1 08:55:51 BST 2001

Changes to the Packages Collection Infrastructure
=================================================  deprecate NO_WRKSUBDIR, replace it with an
		explicit assignment to WRKSRC [agc 2001-09-09]  added a just-in-time su for "make package", using
		common code from the install target.  Use the common code
		for the deinstall target too.  [agc 2001-09-12]  added a file which is sourced
		just after /etc/mk.conf, allowing /etc/mk.conf to just specify
		values which differ from the defaults.  [agc 2001-09-18]

Packages added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added aalib-1.2 [manu 2001-09-09]
Package URL:
Comment: ASCII Art library

	Added bidwatcher-1.1.6 [jlam 2001-09-22]
Package URL:
Comment: eBay snipe tool

	Added cstream-2.2 [gmcgarry 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: General-purpose stream-handling tool with bandwidth limiting

	Added cvsup-gui-16.1.d [hubertf 2001-09-14]
Package URL:
Comment: cvsup gui client

	Added dact-0.8.3 [rh 2001-09-09]
Package URL:
Comment: dynamic adaptive compression tool

	Added dot-forward-0.71 [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: get qmail to use .forward files

	Added doxygen-1.2.10 [groo 2001-09-04]
Package URL:
Comment: documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C

	Added exctags-5.0.1 [seb 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Exuberant (feature-filled) tagfile generator for vi, emacs and clones

	Added ezmlm-0.53 [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: easy-to-use, high-speed mailing list manager for qmail

	Added fastforward-0.51 [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: /etc/aliases support for qmail

	Added gdkxft-1.0 [rh 2001-09-04]
Package URL:
Comment: transparently add anti-aliased font support to gtk+ applications

	Added irssi- [hubertf 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Secure and modular IRC client with text mode user interface

	Added jhead-1.0.3 [veego 2001-09-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Extract EXIF header from JPEG image

	Added keychain-1.2 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Nice ssh-agent front-end

	Added macfork-1.0 [jlam 2001-09-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool for extracting data from Macintosh resource forks

	Added mplex-1.1 [tron 2001-09-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Multiplexes MPEG component streams into system layers

	Added mscompress-0.3 [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Microsoft "compress.exe/expand.exe" compatible (de)compressor

	Added p5-Apache-Filter-1.019 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to alter the output of previous Apache handlers

	Added p5-Apache-SSI-2.16 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to implement Server Side Includes

	Added p5-Compress-Zlib-1.14 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module interface to the zlib compression library

	Added p5-ControlX10-CM17-0.07 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for controlling the X10 CM17A controller

	Added p5-Crypt-Rijndael-0.04 [mjl 2001-09-20]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module of the Rijndael symmetric key algorithm

	Added p5-Crypt-RIPEMD160-0.04 [mjl 2001-09-20]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module of the RIPEMD160 hash function

	Added p5-Crypt-Twofish-2.12 [mjl 2001-09-20]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for the Twofish symmetric key algorithm

	Added p5-Digest-MD2-2.00 [mjl 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for MD2

	Added p5-Digest-MD4-1.1 [mjl 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for MD4 hash algorithm

	Added p5-Digest-SHA1-2.00 [mjl 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for SHA1

	Added p5-Email-Valid-0.13 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for testing validity of an email address

	Added p5-FreezeThaw [mjl 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: converting Perl structures to strings and back

	Added p5-HTML-Clean-0.8 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module that cleans up HTML code for web browsers

	Added p5-HTML-FillInForm-0.19 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module that populates HTML Forms with CGI data

	Added p5-HTML-SimpleParse-0.10 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module implementing a bare-bones HTML parser

	Added p5-IO-Socket-SSL-0.80 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 SSL socket interface class

	Added p5-Mail-Audit-1.11 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for filtering mail

	Added p5-Mail-ListDetector-0.18 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to detect whether a message is from a mailing list

	Added p5-MLDBM-Sync-0.15 [jlam 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases

	Added p5-Net-SSLeay-1.08 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for using OpenSSL

	Added p5-PostScript-MailLabels-1.01 [jlam 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: create PostScript for printing on mailing label stock

	Added p5-Test-Harness-1.23 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for testing

	Added p5-Test-Simple-0.17 [jlam 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module with a simple framework for writing tests

	Added p5-Text-Iconv-1.1 [abs 2001-09-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function

	Added parrot-0.0.1 [agc 2001-09-13]
Package URL:
Comment: bytecode language possibly to be used by Perl/Python

	Added publicfile-0.52 [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: secure read-only HTTP and FTP servers

	Added qmailanalog-0.70 [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: collection of tools to help analyze qmail's activity

	Added rdesktop-1.1.0 [agc 2001-09-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Open-source Remote Desktop Protocol client

	Added reed-4.6 [wiz 2001-09-02]
Package URL:
Comment: auto-scrolling file viewer

	Added robodoc-3.2.3 [wrstuden 2001-09-26]
Package URL:
Comment: tool to support project documentation within source code

	Added SDL-mixer-1.2.0 [rh 2001-09-24]
Package URL:
Comment: multi-channel audio mixer library

	Added storage-manager-3.14 [ad 2001-09-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Adaptec Storage Management software

	Added tcl-expat-1.1 [jwise 2001-09-28]
Package URL:
Comment: XML parser implemented entirely in Tcl

	Added tcpslice- [jlam 2001-09-26]
Package URL:
Comment: tool for extracting portions of tcpdump's packet trace files

	Added tkirc2-2.46 [tron 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client

	Added vcdimager-0.6.2 [magick 2001-09-25]
Package URL:
Comment: mastering suite for Video CDs

	Added xmess-0.37b15.2 [kristerw 2001-09-03]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 emulator for old computers and console machines

	Added xnc-4.4.5 [zuntum 2001-09-17]
Package URL:
Comment: File manager for X Window

Updated Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated adzap to 20010921 [simonb 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: filter out animated ad banners from web pages

	Updated amavis to 0.2.1nb4 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: mail virus scanner

	Updated ap-dtcl to 0.11.2 [jwise 2001-09-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Simple, fast Tcl server side scripting for apache

	Updated arena to 0.3.62nb1 [fredb 2001-09-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Experimental HTML 3 browser, supports math and style sheets

	Updated bind9-current to 9.2.0rc2 [itojun 2001-09-07]
	Updated bind9-current to 9.2.0rc3 [itojun 2001-09-14]
	Updated bind9-current to 9.2.0rc4 [itojun 2001-09-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Version 9 of the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, implementation of DNS

	Updated boehm-gc to 6.0 [kei 2001-09-08]
Package URL:
Comment: Garbage collection and memory leak detection for C and C++

	Updated bonobo-conf to 0.11 [tron 2001-09-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Bonobo configuration system

	Updated cascade to 1.4 [dmcmahill 2001-09-06]
Package URL:
Comment: Simple tool to analyze noise and distortion of a RF system

	Updated cftp to 0.11 [dillo 2001-09-12]
Package URL:
Comment: Comfortable FTP, a full screen ftp client

	Updated cpuflags to 0.10 [abs 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Determine compiler flags to best target current cpu

	Updated crafty to 18.10 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: chess engine

	Updated cue to 20010917 [itojun 2001-09-20]
Package URL:
Comment: mh-e like mail user agent

	Updated curl to 7.8.1 [itojun 2001-09-20]
	Updated curl to 7.9 [seb 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: client that groks URLs

	Updated cvsup to 16.1.d [hubertf 2001-09-13]
Package URL:
Comment: cvsup daemon and client

	Updated cyrus-imapd to 2.0.16 [skrll 2001-09-18]
Package URL:
Comment: IMAP server

	Updated delegate to 7.5.3 [tacha 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: General purpose TCP/IP proxy system

	Updated drscheme to 103p1 [groo 2001-09-04]
Package URL:
Comment: R4RS-compilant and nearly R5RS-compliant scheme tailored for teaching

	Updated esound to 0.2.23 [wiz 2001-09-13]
Package URL:
Comment: the Enlightened sound daemon

	Updated evolution to 0.13 [tron 2001-09-25]
	Updated evolution to 0.14 [rh 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager, and communications tool

	Updated fd to 1.03t [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: File and directory management tool

	Updated fetchmail to 5.9.0 [frueauf 2001-09-23]
Package URL:
Comment: batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap

	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.9.0 [frueauf 2001-09-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Configuration tool for fetchmail

	Updated gaim to 0.44 [jlam 2001-09-22]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK+-based client for AOL's Instant Messenger chat system

	Updated gal to 0.12 [tron 2001-09-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Gnome Application Libraries

	Updated galeon to 0.12.1 [taya 2001-09-21]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME web browser based on gecko (mozilla rendering engine)

	Updated gdk-pixbuf to 0.11.0 [rh 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: the GNOME image loading library

	Updated gdk-pixbuf-gnome to 0.11.0 [rh 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: the GNOME image loading library GNOME canvas support add-on

	Updated gkrellm to 1.2.2 [zuntum 2001-09-08]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK based system monitor

	Updated gnome-libs to 1.2.13nb1 [danw 2001-09-24]
	Updated gnome-libs to [rh 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnucash to 1.6.3 [mjl 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Personal double-entry accounting program

	Updated gtkhtml to 0.12.0 [tron 2001-09-24]
	Updated gtkhtml to 0.13.0 [rh 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine

	Updated ImageMagick to 5.3.9 [tron 2001-09-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated jade to 1.2.1nb3 [hubertf 2001-09-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Object-oriented SGML/XML parser toolkit and DSSSL engine

	Updated jadetex to 2.20nb1 [hubertf 2001-09-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Process tex files produced by the TeX backend of Jade

	Updated jed to 0.99.14 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Text editor with many features, extensible through S-Lang functions

	Updated kakasi to 2.3.4 [taca 2001-09-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Kanji-Kana Simple Inverter, language filter for Japanese

	Updated kdebase2 to 2.1.1 [drochner 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Base modules for the KDE 2 integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdelibs2 to 2.1.2 [drochner 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Support libraries for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated keychain to 1.2nb1 [wiz 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Nice ssh-agent front-end

	Updated lesstif to 0.93.0 [drochner 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit

	Updated libxml to 1.8.16 [rh 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project

	Updated libxml2 to 2.4.5 [jlam 2001-09-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Xml parser library for GNOME

	Updated magicpoint to 1.09a [itojun 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 based presentation tool

	Updated mew to 2.0.51 [jun 2001-09-02]
	Updated mew to 2.0.52 [jun 2001-09-05]
	Updated mew to 2.0.53 [jun 2001-09-12]
	Updated mew to 2.0.54 [jun 2001-09-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Messaging in the Emacs World

	Updated mozilla to 0.9.4 [taya 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: The open-source version of the Netscape browser

	Updated mutt-devel to 1.3.21 [tron 2001-09-21]
Package URL:
Comment: text-based MIME mail client with PGP support

	Updated namazu2 to 2.0.7 [taca 2001-09-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Full-text search system intended for easy use

	Updated napshare to 0.1nb1 [tron 2001-09-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Fully featured Gnutella P2P client made to run 24/7 unattended

	Updated netbsd-doc to 1.2 [hubertf 2001-09-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Meta-pkg including all pkgs to convert SGML->HTML

	Updated netbsd-doc-print to 1.1 [hubertf 2001-09-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Meta-pkg including all pkgs to convert SGML->PDF/PS

	Updated nxtvepg to 0.6.2 [magick 2001-09-09]
	Updated nxtvepg to 0.6.3 [magick 2001-09-23]
Package URL:
Comment: NextView EPG decoder

	Updated openslp to 1.0.2 [jlam 2001-09-13]
Package URL:
Comment: Open-source implementation of the Service Location Protocol

	Updated openssh to 2.9.9p2 [itojun 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Open Source Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

	Updated p5-Devel-Symdump to 2.01 [jlam 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for inspecting perl's symtable/class hiers

	Updated p5-Digest-MD5 to 2.16 [mjl 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 extension interface for various message digest algorithms

	Updated p5-PerlMagick to 5.3.9 [tron 2001-09-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Object-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick

	Updated p5-URI to 1.17 [jlam 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 class to represent Uniform Resource Identifier (URI, RFC 2396)

	Updated pen to 0.4.0 [rh 2001-09-13]
Package URL:
Comment: load balancer for "simple" tcp based protocols

	Updated perl5 to 5.6.1nb2 [jlam 2001-09-05]
	Updated perl5 to 5.6.1nb3 [jlam 2001-09-12]
Package URL:
Comment: Practical Extraction and Report Language

	Updated pkgchk to 1.11 [abs 2001-09-13]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.12 [abs 2001-09-16]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.13 [abs 2001-09-27]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.14 [abs 2001-09-28]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.15 [abs 2001-09-28]
	Updated pkgchk to 1.16 [abs 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Check installed package versions against pkgsrc

	Updated pkgdiff to 0.101 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Tools to ease creating and maintaining patches for pkgsrc

	Updated pkglint to 3.08 [wiz 2001-09-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Verifier for NetBSD packages and complete pkgsrc tree

	Updated pkg_tarup to 1.0.3 [agc 2001-09-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Generates binary package from installed pkg

	Updated polsms to 1.8.9d [zuntum 2001-09-16]
Package URL:
Comment: useful command-line interface to sending SMS to Polish GSM networks

	Updated popa3d to [wiz 2001-09-02]
	Updated popa3d to [wiz 2001-09-11]
	Updated popa3d to [wiz 2001-09-22]
Package URL:
Comment: secure, reliable, performant, and small pop3 server

	Updated popt to 1.6.2 [rh 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Command line option parsing library

	Updated postgresql to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS

	Updated postgresql-client to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: PostgreSQL database client programs

	Updated postgresql-docs to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: PostgreSQL database system documentation

	Updated postgresql-lib to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: PostgreSQL database headers and libraries

	Updated postgresql-plperl to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend

	Updated postgresql-pltcl to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: PL/Tcl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend

	Updated postgresql-server to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: PostgreSQL database server programs

	Updated prcs to 1.2.15 [hubertf 2001-09-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Project Revision Control System

	Updated py-Numeric to 20.2.1 [drochner 2001-09-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Adds multidimensional numeric arrays to Python

	Updated qident to 1.2 [ad 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Small program to query an ident protocol server (rfc1413)

	Updated qmail-conf to 0.60 [zuntum 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: collection of tools for setting up qmail services

	Updated rrdtool to 1.0.33 [wulf 2001-09-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Data analysis tool generating graphical representations

	Updated screen to 3.9.10 [itojun 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Multi-screen window manager

	Updated SDL to 1.2.2 [rh 2001-09-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Simple DirectMedia Layer, a cross-platform multimedia library

	Updated sendmail to 8.11.6nb1 [taca 2001-09-09]
Package URL:
Comment: The well known Mail Transport Agent

	Updated smtpfeed to 1.15 [taca 2001-09-09]
Package URL:
Comment: SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer for Sendmail

	Updated sun-jdk to [jlam 2001-09-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Sun's Java(tm) Development Kit 1.3.1

	Updated sun-jre to [jlam 2001-09-22]
Package URL:
Comment: Sun's Java(tm) Runtime Environment 1.3.1

	Updated suse_base to 6.4nb3 [nick 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package

	Updated swarm to 0.57 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Software arm6 core emulator

	Updated tcl-postgresql to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Tcl interface to PostgreSQL

	Updated tcsh to 6.11.00 [kim 2001-09-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Extended C-shell with many useful features

	Updated tfkiss to 1.2.4 [wulf 2001-09-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Software implementation of TheFirmware for use with TNT

	Updated tfmxplay to 0.6 [wiz 2001-09-11]
Package URL:
Comment: console TFMX (amiga games sound file format) player

	Updated tk-postgresql to 7.1.3 [jlam 2001-09-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Tk interface to PostgreSQL

	Updated tkcvs to 7.0.1 [wiz 2001-09-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Tcl/Tk frontends to CVS and diff

	Updated tnef to 1.1.1 [rh 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: decode MS-TNEF MIME attachments

	Updated unison to 2.7.7 [hubertf 2001-09-29]
Package URL:
Comment: file-synchronization tool

	Updated ups-nut to 0.45.1 [lukem 2001-09-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Network UPS Tools

	Updated ups-nut-cgi to 0.45.1 [lukem 2001-09-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Network UPS Tools CGI scripts

	Updated uvscan-dat to 4163 [rh 2001-09-27]
Package URL:
Comment: AntiVirus DAT file for uvscan

	Updated vim-devel to 6.0-au [pooka 2001-09-08]
Package URL:
Comment: Vi IMproved development version (vi clone)

	Updated whatmask to 1.1 [zuntum 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Easily convert between three common subnet mask notations

	Updated x11-links to 0.3 [jlam 2001-09-25]
Package URL:
Comment: shadow tree of links to X11R6 headers and libraries

	Updated xchat to 1.8.3 [tron 2001-09-24]
	Updated xchat to 1.8.3nb1 [tron 2001-09-26]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK+ toolkit

	Updated xfce to 3.8.6 [wiz 2001-09-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Lightweight desktop environment with a look and feel similar to CDE

	Updated xmame to 0.54.1nb1 [kristerw 2001-09-03]
	Updated xmame to 0.54.2 [kristerw 2001-09-05]
	Updated xmame to 0.55.1 [kristerw 2001-09-19]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 emulator for old arcade and console machines

	Updated xmindpath to 1.08a [itojun 2001-09-30]
Package URL:
Comment: MindPath PocketPoint user-level driver for X11

Packages Removed from the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed nbc-vbi [tron 2001-09-19]
	Removed p5-Data-Dumper [jlam 2001-09-05]
	Removed perl5-base [jlam 2001-09-05]
	Removed szdd, it being superceded by mscompress [agc 2001-09-25]