Subject: perl-apache-mod_perl discord
To: None <>
From: Alex <xela@MIT.EDU>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/24/2001 17:16:29
Trying to build ap-perl on freshly minted 1.5.2 machine:

cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/ap-perl ; make 
 ************* WARNING *************
   Your Perl is uselargefiles enabled, but Apache is not, suggestions:
     *) Rebuild mod_perl with Makefile.PL PERL_USELARGEFILES=0
     *) Rebuild Apache with CFLAGS="-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64"
     *) Rebuild Perl with Configure -Uuselargefiles
     *) Let mod_perl build Apache (USE_DSO=1 instead of USE_APXS=1)

Leaving asided the fact that you'd kinda hope the pkgsrc mod_perl,
perl, and apache would have local setups to work together, I'm
stuck inasmuch as I can't seem to figure out how to apply this
lovely advice within the context of the package system.  I tried
make USE_DSO=1 but it didn't seem to get picked up.  Any ideas?
Or should I just forget the package system, download the tarballs
from the canonical sites, and build & install them the old
fashoned way?