Subject: Re: StarOffice 5.2 almost working as a package
To: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
From: Keith Moore <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/17/2001 15:05:57
> > Even if you get it to install, it doesn't work.
>   That's not quite correct.  It works fine here (under NetBSD-1.5.2).  I
> had to install it on a Linux system (using the 'per-user' installation
> method), though, and copy the installed files over to NetBSD.  I also
> have to start the 'soffice' script from an xterm changing to my
> ~/soffice52 directory first.  It won't if I try starting it from a
> WindowMaker or GNOME icon.

Hmmm, I was using 1.5.1.  I'll upgrade to 1.5.2 and try again.