Subject: StarOffice 5.2 almost working as a package
To: None <>
From: Martti Kuparinen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/14/2001 14:12:07

I've been trying to update the StarOffice package and the result
looks quite promising, i.e. it's ALMOST working. I still have
problems with Linux emulation and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and I'd like
to get some help from you.

If Makefile's LD_PATH doesn't contain "." the installation program
(setup.bin) fails before displaying any window:

glibc version: 2.1.3
/usr/pkgsrc/misc/staroffice/work/tmp/sv001.tmp/setup.bin: error in loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Then I added "." to the end of LD_PATH and the result was the same.
Adding "." in the front of LD_PATH makes the installation work almost
to the end, i.e. it fails in "Registration of the components".


Adding ${PREFIX}/office52/program into LD_PATH didn't help either :-(

The coredump in /usr/pkg/office52/program/ shows this:

	Core was generated by `setup.bin'.
	Program terminated with signal 6, Abort trap.
	./ No such file or directory.
	#0  0x4974ca71 in ?? ()./ No such file or directory.

Those two libs were during the installation is a temporary directory
(work/staroffice-en-5.2/sv00*.tmp) so the current path setting (".")
found them but now those files are in /usr/pkg/office52/program/

Is it possible to re-read the settings somehow or what should we do?
I don't see this happen in FreeBSD, i.e. the installation worked
just fine...

Please help me, get the files from

and try to find the error. Please note that I haven't touched
pkg/PLIST* so this is not a complete thing yet!

If you manage to install and run this, please let me know and
I'll clean up the Makefile and submit a PR...

PS. Shouldn't we update the Linux emulation package to install
    /emul/linux/bin/test? The current approach of creating a
    symlink for the installation is quite ugly.


Martti Kuparinen <>              NetBSD - No media hype