Subject: Re: (fwd) Announcing C-Kermit 8.0 Beta.03
To: Frank da Cruz <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/13/2001 00:02:13
On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Frank da Cruz wrote:
> Great.  In the meantime, can you please upload the Beta.03 binary to:

OK, i'm uploading my kermit binary (only the executable, not binary
package) as cku200b03.netbsd-i386-1.5.2 (I did upgrade my system to 1.5.2
yesterday, just forgot about it ;-)

> and/or could I get a guest ID on a NetBSD 1.5.1 platform?  (I used to have
> access to the NetBSD build lab, but that now seems to be defunct.)

I can't give you an accountas the machine's at home and powered off most
of the time. We have a list of people offering shell accounts though,
maybe you can find a helping hand there. The URL is

Sorry our build lab is not available any longer. :(

 - Hubert

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