Subject: Re: USE_X11 and buildlink
To: Mario Kemper <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/26/2001 09:50:38
On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Mario Kemper wrote:

> while converting a Package to use buildlink and moving it from X11BASE
> to LOCALBASE i stumbled upon a few problems:
> 1. USE_X11 isn't dokumented in Packages.txt

It's supposed to indicate programs that need X to build, but don't
install into X11BASE. I suggest we resolve to deprecate it, and
install all such programs into X11PREFIX (that is, replace it with
USE_X11BASE and optionally "xpkgwedge").

> 2. Nothing sets CFLAGS+=${X11BASE}/includes, neither USE_X11 nor
>    USE_X11BASE. Why?
>    LDFLAGS is set correctly by both options.

Imake and configure, each, usually take care of that. Imake programs
don't need to be buildlinked, and configure programs take arguments
such as "--with-x=..." or "--with-x-includes=...". The reason we set
LDFLAGS is because so few compilers recognize "-Wl,-R" options,
therefore few programs set them. [For programs that use "libtool", we
shouldn't have to set them at all, though.]

> 3. My package uses tcl/tk via buildlink. As tk needs native X11
>    includes and libs, i have to set the include path to X11BASE, the
>    library path is already set by USE_X11. Does it still qualify for

jlam was working on a solution for that. See his previous posts.