Subject: Re: Japanese translation requested
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/03/2001 11:15:46
> Hi,


> 	I'm working on updating print/ghostscript to either APFL
> Ghostscript 7.00 or to GNU Ghostscript 6.51.  In considering the APFL
> Ghostscript, I ran across what appeared to be VFlib patches on the web
> somewhere.  If someone could please translate for me the README file
> at

I attach an easy translation.

> Also, if anyone out there knows of other VFlib of Japanese PDF
> patches that apply toward either of the two ghostscripts above,
> please let me know, or point me to a URL.

I dunno, but I'll look for this.

BTW, new born "GS-CJK" project is trying to enhance Ghostscript to be
not only Japanized but I18nized.  They have already released some
patches, but they are experimental ones, and I don't think that they
are good for Pkgsrc.


                  Japanization patch kit for GS7.00

This is a Japanization patch kit for Ghostscript 7.00. This patch derives from
gs5.50-vflib-1.0 written by Akira Tanaka.


  After installing original Ghostscript 7.00 for Windows, extract on to the directory where Ghostscript is installed.
  (this will be possibly C:/gs.)
  Add C:\gs\gs7.00\bin into the PATH environmental variable.
  Set the GS_LIB environmental variable like
  Prepare 'vfontcap', whose sample is included in dvipsk-w32.tar.gz.  Set the
  VFONTCAP environmental variable unless the 'vfontcap' file is not located in
  C:\usr\local\share\texmf\dvips\vfontcap.  Correct the 'Windows fonts' item in
  vfontcap so that the item directs to the actual font directory.