Subject: Re: gqmpeg package and kvm
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/29/2001 21:28:26
On Sun, 29 Jul 2001, David Brownlee wrote:

> 	I've bneen looking at adding correct NetBSD support for displaying
> 	the cpu usage to gqmpeg, plus updating to 0.9.0.
> 	Currently it pokes around in /proc to get the cpu usage for the
> 	mpg123 subprocess.
> 	Can anyone suggest the correct way to get a script
> 	to pull in -lkvm on NetBSD only?

Start with something like

AC_CHECK_LIB (kvm, kvm_getprocs)

[if not kvm_getprocs(), whatever function you need].

That alone should define HAVE_KVM_H and HAVE_LIBKVM in "config.h", to
use as a conditional in the code, and also adds "-lkvm" to "LIBS" for
the Makefile (there is probably already a LIBS=@LIBS@ in
You can get more information via "info autoconf", then type
sAC_CHECK_HEADERS<CR> repeatedly (and so on).