Subject: Re: Fix for xmkmf errors
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/05/2001 13:24:03
Bill Sommerfeld <> writes:
> I updated pkgsrc, reinstalled the buildlink-x11 package, and it now
> explodes as follows:
> ===> Configuring for xli-1.16nb1
> Linking zlib files into /usr/pkgobj/graphics/xli/work.i386/.buildlink.
> Linking png files into /usr/pkgobj/graphics/xli/work.i386/.buildlink.
> imake -DBuildLink -DUseInstalled -I/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config
> In file included from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/buildlinkX11.rules:27,
>                  from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl:1397,
>                  from Imakefile.c:8:
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/X11.rules:81: warning: `TopXInclude' redefined
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/buildlinkX11.rules:21: warning: this is the location 
> of the previous definition

I've updated buildlink-x11 and again to solve this problem.
Please test and let me know.  It looks theoretically correct based on
browsing the sources for XFree-3.3.6.


     -- Johnny C. Lam <>
        Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University