Subject: building mesa-apps w/ XFree 4
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/05/2001 01:34:06
I'm looking at after a XFree 4 user (Hi Perry! :-) complained
that the Mesa build bombed out:

	.if defined(USE_MESA)
	.if (defined(USE_GLX) && ${HAVE_BUILTIN_MESA} == "NO") 
	DEPENDS+=               Mesa-glx>=20000813:../../graphics/Mesa-glx
	DEPENDS+=               Mesa>=3.2.1:../../graphics/Mesa

Is this code really correct? In our case, USE_GLX is empty (undefined),
and HAVE_BUILTIN_MESA is "YES" (Thanks to XFree 4). Shouldn't we
just not pull in (any) Mesa at all in that case, and rely on what XFree 4 

Something like:

	.if (${HAVE_BUILTIN_MESA} == "NO")
	.	if (defined(USE_GLX))
	DEPENDS+=	Mesa-glx>=20000813:../../graphics/Mesa-glx
	.	else	# no GLX
	DEPENDS+=	Mesa>=3.2.1:../../graphics/Mesa
	.	endif
	.else # ${HAVE_BUILTIN_MESA} == "YES"
		# XFree 4: Don't need no Mesa at all

Maybe someone with a better understanding of our Mesa/glx/XFree4
interaction please have a look at this!

 - Hubert

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