Subject: X11 contrib mirrors
To: None <>
From: Jim Bernard <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/27/2001 10:45:37
  I noticed that the X11 contrib mirrors listed in are not
necessarily in sync with (the particular cases I noticed are
described in updates I submitted to xfig and transfig in PR's 13324 and
13325).  I checked on (which, unlike to, is up), and
they have a nice list of worldwide X11 mirrors at:

Now, probably not all of these are up to date, and they may not all carry
contrib sources.  I see that neither of the mirrors listed in
MASTER_SITE_XCONTRIB is on the list.  I've checked a few of them, and
the following had up to date versions of xfig and transfig (thus, presumably
other sources):

There are many more that I didn't check, since distant servers tend to
take a long time to check (the last three above tried my patience a bit).
Maybe it would be a good idea to change the MASTER_SITE_XCONTRIB list in