Subject: Re: A couple of package issues
To: John Darrow <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/19/2001 18:42:51
On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, John Darrow wrote:

> 1. www/navigator3 attempts to install (among other things)
> bin/netscape (which is actually simply a script to set a couple of
> environment variables and then run netscape.bin, which is the actual
> netscape 3 binary).  This conflicts with the www/netscape (version 4)


> The easiest solution I could see to this would be to simply rename the
> netscape 3 script to 'netscape3'.  If this would be okay, I'll go
> ahead with the send-pr with just this.  (Whether or not the other
> files installed by this package really belong in share or not, I think
> that with the age of the netscape in question, it's not worth moving
> them...)

That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

> 2. games/xsoldier currently modifies the internal Imakefile to install
> a scorefile in /var/games.  This scorefile isn't listed in PLIST, so
> it gets left over on your build machine, and it means that systems
> installed from a binary package won't have a scorefile installed.

Right. If you were to add it to the PLIST, it would get deleted on
"pkg_delete", and we might be deleting irreplaceable information. :-)

> My question is, is there already a game which has the "definitive" way
> to set up a scorefile?  If not, I'd propose something similar to the
> way used for modifiable files by (e.g.) mail/imp:
> INSTALL script looks to see if a scorefile is already present, and, if
> not, creates it.

The game doesn't create it when run? If not, then yes, you could do
something like that.

> DEINSTALL script looks to see if the scorefile has changed from the
> default (for many cases, the default would be zero-length, so this
> would be easy, others might require some sort of .dist file on a
> case-by-case basis), if not, deletes the scorefile, otherwise prints a
> message indicating the user should delete it if it is no longer
> needed.

You can if you want to. IMHO, it's not that important. Lot's of games
leave files in /var/games, and lots of other programs leave junk all
over /var. That's what /var is for, isn't it?