Subject: A couple of package issues
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/19/2001 17:46:33
I'm close to having send-pr'ed all the packages from my bulk build for
which the only problem was a forced install into X11BASE.  Hopefully
the new setup will take care of a lot of the actual
broken builds.

There are two specific packages I still have fixes for, but which have
issues that I'd also like to address:

1. www/navigator3 attempts to install (among other things)
bin/netscape (which is actually simply a script to set a couple of
environment variables and then run netscape.bin, which is the actual
netscape 3 binary).  This conflicts with the www/netscape (version 4)
package (which installs a link to www/ns-remote's ns-open script.)
While this could be easiest taken care of with a simple CONFLICTS
entry, I can see that one of the remaining legitimate reasons for a
user to have Netscape 3 installed is to test the appearance of web
pages they're developing in a number of different browsers, in which
case they would probably also want to have Netscape 4 installed too.

The easiest solution I could see to this would be to simply rename the
netscape 3 script to 'netscape3'.  If this would be okay, I'll go
ahead with the send-pr with just this.  (Whether or not the other
files installed by this package really belong in share or not, I think
that with the age of the netscape in question, it's not worth moving

2. games/xsoldier currently modifies the internal Imakefile to install
a scorefile in /var/games.  This scorefile isn't listed in PLIST, so
it gets left over on your build machine, and it means that systems
installed from a binary package won't have a scorefile installed.

My question is, is there already a game which has the "definitive" way
to set up a scorefile?  If not, I'd propose something similar to the
way used for modifiable files by (e.g.) mail/imp:

INSTALL script looks to see if a scorefile is already present, and, if
not, creates it.

DEINSTALL script looks to see if the scorefile has changed from the
default (for many cases, the default would be zero-length, so this
would be easy, others might require some sort of .dist file on a
case-by-case basis), if not, deletes the scorefile, otherwise prints a
message indicating the user should delete it if it is no longer

This should hopefully allow package version updates (if the scorefile
format hasn't changed), without cluttering up systems where the
scorefile is never used (such as the build system).

I'd like to get comments soon (even if just a "sounds good, go ahead"
or a "no, don't do that, do it this way") because I'd like to finish
clearing out this batch of patches so that I can update and do another
bulk build with the changes...


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