Subject: Re: evolution, and gnome-gtkhtml-editor
To: dive <>
From: Dan Winship <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/18/2001 19:18:33
On 16 Jun 2001 21:52:06 -0400, dive wrote:
> I've noticed a few problems with evolution's composer window, which uses
> gnome-gtkhtml-editor.. The first and most severe is that whenever you
> click 'Send' to send a message, or close the window, it segfaults

Do you have it built with debugging symbols? Given a stack trace, I
could probably fix this.

> The second problem is when switching windows;
> occaisionally the textbox where you type in the message will disappear.

Probably related. (The text box is the gnome-gtkhtml-editor control.)

Also, what architecture, NetBSD version, XFree86 version, etc are you

-- Dan