Subject: Re: new categories
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/13/2001 09:41:09
Alistair Crooks <> wrote:

Alistair> I could agree with adding "chemistry" as a
Alistair> category if there were enough packages to support
Alistair> a separate category.  Until such time as there
Alistair> are, they'll have to go in misc.

Alistair> In the past, we've always tried to steer clear of
Alistair> individual geographical utilities.  This is not a
Alistair> slight on any of the people living in those areas,
Alistair> or using the input methods or locales or display
Alistair> methods for those areas, but usually it's because
Alistair> the localised versions of packages have been
Alistair> better merged with the original packages.  Again,
Alistair> if there is enough demand, we'll create the
Alistair> categories - until such time, relevant packages
Alistair> should be placed in the "misc" category.

I fully agree.  I forgot the existence and role of the misc
category.  Thanks for the clarification.