Subject: pkgsrc/i386 bulk build results 2001-06-10 (with xpkgwedge)
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/10/2001 23:49:33

I've just completed a bulk build of pkgsrc supped 2001-06-07.  This
build was done on i386 1.5.1_BETA2 of 2001-06-02, inside a chroot
jail.  It took about 3 days on a Pentium III/733.  (At some point
after the first night, I realized the idea of pre-fetching as many
distfiles as possible, which sped the later builds along...)

This build was done using xpkgwedge.  While this revealed a
significant number of breakages and bad assumptions in certain packages,
I think it is good to note that 1893 packages out of 2171 managed to
build successfully in this "nonstandard" (though IMHO it should be the
standard way) configuration, for a success rate of 87.2%.  (And many of
the breakages had nothing to do with xpkgwedge.)

The following mk.conf variables were set for this build:

BATCH=  yes
DEPENDS_TARGET?=        bulk-install
DISTDIR=        /nsource/distfiles
DIST_PATH=      /source/distfiles
PACKAGES=       /nsource/packages/i386/1.5
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES=    adobe-acrobat-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   citrix_ica-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   csound-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   fee-based-commercial-use
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   kermit-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   limited-redistribution
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   maude-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   no-commercial-use
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   opera-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   palmos-sdk-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   sun-jsdk20-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   jdk13-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   sun-swing-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   unarj-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   unrar-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   emiclock-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   nntpclnt-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   cyrus-imapd-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   majordomo-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   mush-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   pine-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   mosaic-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   portsentry-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   srp_client-license
ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=   limited-distribution
BULK_PREREQ+=   pkgtools/xpkgwedge
PAPERSIZE=      Letter

(Note that the last three licenses found above are not in
mk.conf.example - they probably either should be, or the packages in
question should be modified to match one of the other licenses.)

Despite using xpkgwedge, 151 files managed to be installed into my
/usr/X11R6 tree, mostly by package Makefiles doing installs explicitly
into X11BASE.  (Games seemed to be the biggest offenders in this area.)
These (and the three missing licenses) are the first things I intend to

Other significant visible errors were packages using only
-I/usr/X11R6/include and assuming they could find either Motif or XPM.
Some packages, on the other hand, managed to find XPM in /usr/pkg, only
to forget to also include /usr/X11R6, thus causing XPM's headers to
fail to find the X11 headers they depend on...

Hopefully some of the changes that continue to be added
to the pkgsrc tree will fix some of these problems.  (I'll probably
do another bulk build after I've send-pr'ed all the forced X11BASE
install problems and supped pkgsrc again...

(Once I have a chance to go through them and make sure that nothing
is in them that shouldn't be, I'll hopefully be able to make the failed
build logs available on an accessible ftp server...)


John Darrow - Senior Technical Specialist               Office: 630/752-5201
Computing Services, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL 60187  Fax:    630/752-5968
Pager via email:      Pager:  630/316-0707

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*** NetBSD 1.5.1_BETA2/i386
*** Result of bulk pkgsrc build as of Sun Jun 10 14:56:23 CDT 2001:

Pkg                     State       	Pkgs broken by	(last modified, maintainer)
archivers/zip1:         build broken	             	(jtb,
audio/festival:         build broken	24           	(jlam,
audio/festlex-cmu:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festlex-oald:     broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festlex-ogi:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festlex-poslex:   broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festogi-spanish:  broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-abc:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-aec:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-don:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-el11:     broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-en1:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-hvs:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-jph:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-kal16:    broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-kal8:     broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-ked16:    broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-ked8:     broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-mwm:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-ogirab:   broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-rab16:    broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-rab8:     broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-tll:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-us1:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-us2:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/festvox-us3:      broken depends	             	(jlam,
audio/kdemultimedia2:   broken depends	             	(skrll, )
audio/musicbox:         build broken	             	(agc,
audio/wmmixer:          build broken	             	(agc,
audio/wsoundprefs:      broken depends	             	(agc,
audio/wsoundserver:     broken depends	             	(agc,
audio/xamp:             build broken	             	(agc,
cad/dinotrace:          build broken	             	(dmcmahill,
cad/simian:             build broken	             	(dmcmahill,
cad/spice:              build broken	             	(agc,
cad/xchiplogo:          build broken	             	(agc,
comms/xisp:             build broken	             	(agc,
converters/dvi2tty:     build broken	             	(jtb,
converters/psiconv:     build broken	             	(agc,
cross/i386-netbsdpe:    build broken	1            	(skrll,
databases/gtksql:       build broken	             	(jlam,
databases/kpsql:        build broken	             	(jlam,
databases/p5-postgresql: build broken	             	(jlam,
databases/xsqlmenu:     build broken	             	(agc,
devel/SDL_ttf:          build broken	             	(zuntum,
devel/boost:            build broken	             	(wiz,
devel/c-cpp-reference:  broken depends	             	(wiz,
devel/ipv6socket_scrub: build broken	             	(wiz,
devel/kdbg:             broken depends	             	(wiz,
devel/kdebindings2:     broken depends	             	(wiz, )
devel/kdesdk2:          broken depends	             	(wiz, )
devel/kdevelop-base:    broken depends	             	(wiz,
devel/kdevelop:         broken depends	             	(tron,
devel/libdockapp:       build broken	2            	(wiz,
devel/palmos-includes:  build broken	2            	(wiz,
devel/prc-tools-base:   broken depends	             	(wiz, )
devel/prc-tools:        broken depends	             	(dillo, )
devel/w32api:           broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/manedit:        build broken	             	(agc,
editors/ted-cs:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-da:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-de:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-en-gb:      broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-en-us:      broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-es:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-fr:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-it:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-nl:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-no:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-pt:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted-sv:         broken depends	             	(wiz,
editors/ted:            build broken	12           	(wiz,
emulators/atari800:     build broken	             	(jlam,
emulators/gnuboy:       build broken	             	(agc,
emulators/xcopilot:     build broken	             	(agc,
fonts/jisx0212fonts:    build broken	             	(wiz,
fonts/jisx0213fonts:    build broken	             	(wiz,
games/battalion:        build broken	             	(wiz,
games/imaze:            build broken	             	(wiz,
games/kdegames2:        broken depends	             	(wiz, )
games/kdetoys2:         broken depends	             	(wiz, )
games/kulki:            build broken	             	(wiz,
games/mirrormagic:      build broken	             	(wiz,
games/nethack-x11:      build broken	1            	(wiz, )
games/nethack:          broken depends	             	(wiz, )
games/nighthawk:        build broken	             	(jlam,
games/tanked:           build broken	             	(wiz,
games/tscp:             build broken	             	(wiz,
games/wormz:            build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xboing:           build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xbomber:          build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xbreaky:          build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xnibbles:         build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xpilot:           build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xsoldier:         build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xtux:             build broken	             	(wiz,
games/xzip:             build broken	             	(wiz,
graphics/Ngraph:        build broken	             	(wiz,
graphics/clanlib:       build broken	2            	(wiz,
graphics/dx:            build broken	1            	(dmcmahill,
graphics/dxsamples:     broken depends	             	(wiz,
graphics/g3d:           build broken	             	(wiz,
graphics/geomview:      build broken	             	(jtb,
graphics/gle:           build broken	             	(rh,
graphics/kdegraphics2:  broken depends	             	(skrll, )
graphics/magicpoint:    build broken	             	(itojun,
graphics/pixmap:        build broken	             	(wiz,
graphics/xanim:         build broken	             	(wiz,
graphics/xart:          build broken	             	(wiz,
graphics/xbmbrowser:    build broken	             	(wiz,
japanese/texfamily:     build broken	             	(wiz,
lang/jbuilder-jit:      build broken	             	(wiz,
lang/mercury:           build broken	             	(jlam,
lang/sun-jdk13:         broken depends	             	(jlam,
lang/sun-jre13:         build broken	3            	(jlam,
mail/coolmail:          build broken	             	(agc,
mail/cue:               build broken	             	(agc,
mail/faces:             build broken	1            	(jtb,
mail/oe2mbx:            build broken	             	(zuntum,
mail/sendmail-current:  build broken	             	(itojun,
mail/sylpheed:          build broken	             	(agc,
mail/xfmail:            build broken	             	(agc,
math/grace:             broken depends	             	(wiz,
math/pari:              build broken	             	(jtb,
math/scilab:            build broken	             	(agc,
math/xldlas:            build broken	             	(agc,
meta-pkgs/netbsd-doc-print: broken depends	             	(wiz,
meta-pkgs/netbsd-doc:   broken depends	             	(wiz,
misc/kdeadmin2:         broken depends	             	(agc, )
misc/kdepim2:           broken depends	             	(agc, )
misc/kdeutils2:         broken depends	             	(agc, )
misc/koffice:           broken depends	             	(agc,
misc/ktail:             broken depends	             	(agc,
misc/root:              build broken	             	(agc,
misc/siag:              build broken	             	(agc,
misc/xtide:             build broken	             	(agc,
net/airportbasestationconfig: broken depends	             	(wiz,
net/dante:              build broken	             	(wiz,
net/delegate:           build broken	             	(jlam, rh@NetBSD.ORG)
net/gtm:                build broken	             	(wiz,
net/irrd:               build broken	             	(wiz,
net/kdenetwork2:        broken depends	             	(wiz, )
net/netatalk-asun:      build broken	             	(abs,
net/pload:              build broken	             	(wiz,
net/ppp-mppe:           build broken	             	(wiz,
net/wget:               build broken	             	(wiz,
net/wminet:             build broken	             	(wiz,
net/wmpload:            build broken	             	(wiz,
net/xipdump:            build broken	             	(wiz,
net/zebra:              build broken	             	(jlam,
news/knews:             broken depends	             	(wiz,
print/a2ps:             build broken	5            	(wiz,
print/hugelatex:        build broken	2            	(wiz,
print/jadetex:          broken depends	             	(agc,
print/lyx:              build broken	             	(drochner,
print/magicfilter:      broken depends	             	(agc,
security/amavis:        broken depends	             	(agc,
security/cfs:           build broken	             	(simonb,
security/uvscan-dat:    build broken	2            	(rh,
security/uvscan:        broken depends	             	(agc,
sysutils/fsviewer:      build broken	             	(agc,
sysutils/gcdmaster:     broken depends	             	(drochner, DavidMaxwell<lt;>gt;)
sysutils/klavg:         build broken	             	(agc,
sysutils/koncd:         broken depends	             	(tron,
sysutils/xps:           build broken	             	(jlam,
textproc/jade:          build broken	20           	(agc, rh@NetBSD.ORG)
time/catclock:          build broken	             	(agc,
time/dclock:            build broken	             	(agc,
time/glclock:           build broken	             	(agc,
time/wmcalclock:        build broken	             	(agc,
time/wmmoonclock:       build broken	             	(agc,
time/wmtime:            build broken	             	(agc,
time/xbeats:            build broken	             	(agc,
wm/afterstep:           build broken	1            	(wiz,
wm/bbkeys-qt:           build broken	             	(agc, )
wm/fvwm1:               build broken	             	(agc,
wm/fvwm95:              build broken	             	(jlam,
wm/ion:                 build broken	             	(dmcmahill,,
www/amaya:              build broken	             	(wiz,
www/ap-auth-cookie:     build broken	             	(jonb,
www/navigator3:         build broken	             	(skrll,
www/quanta:             broken depends	             	(zuntum,
www/sitecopy:           build broken	             	(jlam,
x11/Xbae:               build broken	1            	(skrll,
x11/aterm:              build broken	             	(jtb,
x11/fvwm-wharf:         build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/gnome--:            build broken	1            	(drochner,
x11/kde2:               broken depends	             	(hubertf,
x11/kdebase2:           broken depends	             	(tron, )
x11/kdelibs2:           broken depends	             	(skrll, )
x11/qt2-designer-kde:   broken depends	             	(drochner, )
x11/ssystem:            build broken	             	(wiz,
x11/wmavgload:          build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/wmfstatus:          build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/wmweather:          build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/wterm:              build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/xbanner:            build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/xdaemon:            broken depends	             	(abs,
x11/xdaemon2:           broken depends	             	(abs,
x11/xneko:              build broken	             	(wiz,
x11/xpenguins:          build broken	             	(skrll,
x11/xteddy:             build broken	1            	(skrll,
x11/xteddy2:            build broken	1            	(skrll,

Packages not packaged:     75
Packages really broken:    125
Pkgs broken due to them:   78
Total broken:              203
Total:                     278

-John Darrow

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