Subject: Re: pkg/13113: package update: shells/zsh (Zsh 4.0.1)
To: Masao Uebayashi <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/06/2001 02:57:29
Masao Uebayashi wrote about Re: pkg/13113: package update: shells/zsh (Zsh 4.0.1):
:NOTE: Redirected to tech-pkg
:> 3) why are you putting functions into .../lib/ hierarchy?  They belong to
:>    .../share/ and default there.
:I've heard an opinion that it's better to put shared objects (*.so)
:not under ${PREFIX}/share but under ${PREFIX}/lib, because shared
:objects are actually not sharable, that is, architecture dependent.  I
:think this opinion is reasonable and followed it.

That's where they (the *.so files) default to.  However the functions
(in this case, effectively shell scripts, which handle all the
completion) belonged to share.

:Hmm, you seem to be the one suited for shells/zsh* maintainer. Why
:have you not imported Zsh-3.1.x pkgsrc so long time? ;)

At one stage there seemed to me to be a policy that except with very
good reason, beta versions didn't go into pkgsrc.  I was also putting
together a package for zsh-4 but you beat me to it.  There were a
couple more things I hadn't yet done and I think should have been

- Maybe a comment to people upon install to read "zshcompsys.1" re
  "compinstall" for easy completion system setup or maybe something
  more permanent like an example startup file is appropriate.

- something like Etc/NEWS might be handy for people who currently
  use zsh.  Users aren't going to know defaults for things have
  changed and there's no other quick way to know that, say, 
  option ALWAYS_LAST_PROMPT is now on by default.

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