Subject: Re: Can't "make" in devel/smpeg (and how to troubleshoot?)
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/01/2001 03:08:42
On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Alistair Crooks wrote:

> In these circumstances, use "make PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2" to see what's

Thanks. This doesn't appear to be documented in Packages.txt,
mk.conf.example, packages(7) or mk.conf(5). If someone wants me to send-pr
this, please suggest what it should say and what documentation file(s) it
should be included in, and I'll send-pr it.

> I've found that the "Need an operator" message has come mostly when
> there was a conflict in the cvs update, and it has put the
> <<<<<<<
> =======
> >>>>>>>

That is what I originally thought. But I don't see it in these files.

Here is the output from "make PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2":

+ true ===> Verifying check-depends for ../../devel/SDL
+ [ ! -d ../../devel/SDL ]
+ cd ../../devel/SDL
+ make OPSYS=NetBSD OS_VERSION=1.5.1_BETA LOWER_OPSYS=netbsd check-depends
RC_DEPS=, smpeg-0.4.3
"Makefile", line 40: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 45: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 52: Need an operator

Oh, I see that I was looking in the wrong place! You are right -- it was a
cvs update conflict (for the SDL Makefile). I didn't notice it in the
output from the "make -d A", because it was so large and I had no clue
where to start looking.

(I need to remember to create a new pkgsrc directory for the package if I
am going to edit it.)

Thank you Alistair.

   Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I save interesting NetBSD hints or notes from various mailing lists
and newsgroups into a netbsd mail folder. PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL was in my saved
netbsd mail a few times -- I should have search that mailbox better :)