Subject: Re: install and update together
To: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/31/2001 10:10:08

>>>>> "Rene" == Rene Hexel <> writes:
    Rene> Whenever you use "make update", please be careful that your pkgsrc
    Rene> is really clean.  Nasty things are bound to happen if you try to
    Rene> run "make update" on an unclean tree!  Also, if you installed
    Rene> packages are old, please take into consideration that a seemingly
    Rene> harmless update of a single package can actually end up in an
    Rene> update of a large number of packages on your system.

  This is a very serious thing.
  It is in some sense equivalent to DLL rot and RPM hell.
  I would prefer that if one has a dependancy like:

    A --> B --> C --> D

  (D depends on libraries C, B and A, Easy with gnome apps)

  And I want to install:
    A' --> Z

  that A and A' can coexist. At least, that the files (i.e. .so's) for
A can coexist with A'. if this puts some new constraint on ELF that wasn't
there with A.OUT (that silly symlink?), then I'd like to know if we can
fix that problem instead.

  This does put some strong constraints upon how package A behaves. We
need to make this category of well behaved "A" and make sure that toolkit
people (like gettext, etc.) understand this.

  Historically, one reason *BSD has prevailed over Redhat systems in many
places is because you didn't risk screwing yourself by installing a new
libc. (a dynamically linked /bin also contributed). But, generally, this has
been because *BSD does not use its package system for the base install, so
you know that you will have something bootable even if the packages are

  The alternative is the Redhat/Windows problems. The W2K solution of
having a /lib for each application (then throw file system "compression"
at the disk consumption problem) is ridiculous.

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